La Parapharmacie
Adipose Homeopathic remedy / Improve & reset metabolism
Beautynorm Lighten the skin, reduce skin problems, acne and cellulite.
Betula pubescens - White Birch (buds) Gemmotherapy; A treatment method created in the 1960's by the Belgian physician, Dr. Pol Henry
Betula sp. (alba & verrucosa) - Birch (buds) Individual mother-macerates - each extract contains all the attributes of a single bud
Birch Cellulite Oil Improves skin tone and appearance
CE-GEM – G5 Gemmotherapy uses the vitality of buds and shoots to create highly effective remedies.
Cellulite Homeopathic remedy / Cellulite
Cellusève/Cellusap - Birch Saps Complex gemmotherapy - harmonious combinations of diverses mother-macerates
CELLUsmart cream CELLUsmart is a scientifically proven formula that will reduce the appearance of cellulite. Simply apply CELLUsmart to affected areas and notice a rapid improvement of the appearance of cellulite.
Cir-gen Promotes the decongestion of the lymphatic and circulatory systems and is an excellent remedy during menopausal transitions
Imperial Green Tea Flora® also looks to the plant, using the finest organic leaves for its green tea.
R1 Inflammation, fever, infection