La Parapharmacie
BP Blood purification.
Castanea Vesca Spasmodic difficulties.
Chelidonium Plex Detoxification.
Circulex Circulex is a synergistic combination of herbs that help improve leg health.
Cypress Evergreen Cupressus sempervirens
Diosmin-HMC Supports blood vessel strength.
Lemon Citrus limonum
LYM 1 Supports and enhances the lymphatic system.
LYM 2 Supports and greatly enhances the lymphatic system.
Lymph Tonic Cleavers Combo / Lymphatic CongestionUsed in Herbal Medicine for lymphatic congestion, tonsillitis and chronic rhinitis.
Lymphdiaral Relieves inflammation.
Milk thistle - Orange Traditionnal milk-thistle extract, for liver protection and support. Low in alcohol.