La Parapharmacie
Aesculus Hippocastanum This remedy is indicated for conditions such as hemorrhoids, poor venous circulation and eczema.
Argan Oil Certified Organic Hand-picked by a women’s cooperative in Morocco, our organic argan oil is a lightweight, fast-absorbing nourishment for your skin.
Beyond Grape Seed Superior Antioxidant Protection  for the maintenance of good health. Helps in reducing the oxidation of the low density lipoprotein cholesterol.
Beyond Grape Seed Superior Antioxidant Protection to provide antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.
Calcarea Fluorica 12X Tissue Salt Bones, connective tissue.
Cir-gen Promotes the decongestion of the lymphatic and circulatory systems and is an excellent remedy during menopausal transitions
Circulex Circulex is a synergistic combination of herbs that help improve leg health.
Circulia Treats chronic venous insufficiency and symptoms that accompany such hemorrhoids, varicose veins, heavy legs, peripheral circulatory disorders.
CircuVein Helps to alleviate symptoms (swelling, heavy sensation) of varicose veins / chronic venous insufficiency.
G01 Venous disorder and varicose veins Homeopathic remedy used to help relieve symptoms arising from varicose veins, such as heaviness of legs.
Horse Chestnut Helps treat chronic venous insufficiency and associated symptoms as well as varicose veins.