La Parapharmacie
Horse Chestnut tincture ##### Benefits - Helps to treat hemorrhoids - Helps to treat chronic venous insufficiency and associated symptoms - Helps to treat varicose veins ##### Features - Made from organic and wildcrafted herbs - Therapeutic dose of condition-specific herbs - Tinctures are rapidly absorbed and metabolized – absorption begins in the mouth, allowing the body to absorb up to 98% of the medicinal components - Large 100ml bottle size offers great value
Paeonia Plex Hemorrhoids, varicose veins.
Resvera-Pro **Recommended Use:**  Resvera-Pro™ is an antioxidant formula for the maintenance of good health. It helps to support eye health, cardiovascular health and relieve symptoms related to non-complicated chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), such as the sensation of swelling, heaviness and tingling of the legs.
Super Oxi Formula Support against free radical damage. Immune support. Ideal for vegetarians.
Vein tonic Used in Herbal Medicine for varicose veins, hemorrhoids and blood stasis.
Veinamed Helps to treat symptoms of difficult venous return.
Veinaplex Treats hemorrhoids and spider veins
VeinEase VeinEase helps relieve symptoms related to non-complicated chronic venous insufficiency.
Veinox For venous and capillary fragility, rosacea, mild hypertension, cyanosis of the extremities.
VeinSense Promotes blood flow.
VEINsmart Nutrients for Healthy Veins