La Parapharmacie
Candidaide Help to prevent symptom associated with candida and fungal infections.
Carbo Similiaplex Homeopathic remedy.
Carduus Marianus Similiaplex Homeopathic remedy.
Carduus Plex Liver/gallbladder dysfunctions.
Cell-A-Vie The Marine DNA protects, supports, regenerates, strengthens and regulates the functioning of the body
Cellulite Homeopathic remedy / Cellulite
Chamomilla Similiaplex Homeopathic remedy.
Chelidonium Plex Detoxification.
Cherry Plum Fear of losing control, temper tantrum, breakdown, abusive, rage, explode
Chesnut Bud Learning, repeating mistakes
Chicory Possessive, over-protective, self-centered, critical, nagging, self-pity, easily offended, manipulating, demanding
Children's Stodal (Honey) Children’s Stodal Honey relieves both dry and wet coughs in children 1 to 11 years of age.