La Parapharmacie
Calcarea Sulfurica 6X Sinusitis, skin disorders.
Calcium absorber Prevents calcium deficiency .Homeopathic preparation
Calcium Phosphorica 6X Tissue Salt Calcium deficiency, leukorrhea.
Calendula Essence - 50 ml Indicate for Skin Irritation
Calendula Ointment - 25 g Indicate for redeness, Skin Irritation, Inflammations, Itching, Wounds and Rashes.
Calorastop Flushing, headache, hypertension, congestive fever. Slow digestion and heat intolerance.
Camilia Camilia relieves symptoms of teething.
Can albex 30x Indicated for candidiasis, thrush, fungal infections, sensitivities, headaches, fatigue, digestive disturbances, vaginal yeast infections.
Cand-Aid 30x Effective homeopathic preparation. Eliminates yeast infections in the body.
Cand’da + Homeopathic remedy / Candida
Cand’da I Homeopathic remedy / For strong Candida overgrowth situations