La Parapharmacie
ChlOralfa Mouthwash cinnamon A mouthwash with chlorophyll and oregano, thyme and eucalyptus essential oil. All natural !
Clay Mask Rose - Cattier A mask for sensitive and reactive skin. It brings essential minerals for healthy skin.
Clay Scrub with White Clay and aloe vera - Cattier A gentle scrub and scrub to clarify the complexion, cleanse and nourish the skin, whatever your skin type.
Emu oil Hydrates, relieves, nourishes and regenerates the skin.
Emu oil lip balm Hydrating care for your lips.
Firm N Gro firming cream Firm your breasts.
Full Spectrum Turmeric Powder A food preservative, a coloring agent, a culinary flavor and an anti-inflammatory remedy in Ayurvedic Medicine, but also a popular cosmetic.
Goat's milk cream soap Fresh and pure, Caprine cream soap cleans and hydrates naturally.
Goat's milk soap Honey Bee Goat's milk soap 100% natural.
Goat's milk soap Oat Goat's milk soap 100% natural
Goat's milk soap Original Goat's milk soap 100% natural.
Goat's milk soap Sea Garden Goat's milk soap 100% natural.