La Parapharmacie
A01 Spring allergies, hay fever Homeopathic remedy used to relieve sneezing, eye, throat and nose symptoms associated with seasonal allergies
AHCC Improves defenses against abnormal cellular growth and enhances immune cell production. Helps control infections and protect the liver.
All-C Respiratory and sinus support.
All-Life Colostrum (lactose free) Helps fight disease, infection and delivers compounds for a strong immune system. Harmonizes the immune system to avoid autoimmune disease.
Allibiotic Immune Support CF™ Used in Herbal Medicine to help reduce respiratory symptoms associated with the common cold and influenza.
Allisyn All natural formula to treat infections of various sources.
Almond Liquid Vite Min Indicated for hypertension, high cholesterol, colds and flu
Alpenkraft Cough Candies ** *** Relieves coughs and hoarseness due to colds, minor irritations of a sore throat * Relieves minor bronchial irritations from: industrial fumes, smoke, and cigarettes * Smokers may find it soothing to the throat
Alpenkraft Herbal Cough Candies Salus Alpenkraft candies are a breath of fresh air
Altotite Inner and middle ear infection medically diagnosed.
Amino L-Lysine For cardiovascular conditions, sport injuries and viral infections
Amla Powder For detoxification & rejuvenation