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SANOTINT - Dyeing Light Blonde amber
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Product Details

Delicate skin and sensitive hair is no longer required to give up coloring.

The range Sanotint light golden millet is effective and not aggressive for your scalp. His ammonia-free formula has been specially designed to take care of sensitive skin, knowing allergic reactions.

Contain golden millet extract particularly rich in silicon, which is indispensable to the health and beauty of hair

Without P-phenylenediamine for the most sensitive skin

No ammonia, parabens or metals or oil, silicone and formaldehyde, nickel

Covers perfectly white hair

Respects and protects the hair. Do not dry hair

Can be mixed to obtain a greater range of colors

 Set contains:

1 tube of 55 ml of dye-based golden millet and vegetable extracts

1 vial of 55 ml of fixative emulsion

1 small bottle of 15 ml balm restructuring

1 pair of disposable gloves.

This quantity is sufficient for 1-2 applications depending on hair length.


Oilseeds golden millet extract, calcium pantothenate and biotin (1: 5-1%), plant extracts (walnut stain, birch, grape seed) (1: 0.5-1%), diaminotoluenes, hydroquinone, resorcinol, naphthol alfa , hydrogen peroxide. Ingredients (INCI): Hair-dye: aqua, cetearyl alcohol, ethanolamine, polysorbate-80, propylene glycol, isopropyl stearate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ceteareth-30, tetrasodium EDTA,

Directions for use

Put on gloves. Pour the contents of the tube and fixing emulsion (in equal amounts) in a bowl.

Mix well and apply all of the mixture line by line on the hair (dry) using a brush or a comb.

Then massage well to distribute the dye throughout the hair.

Leave for 30-45 minutes, then rinse the hair and make the shampoo.

Apply the balm restructuring and dry the hair as usual.