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Recommended for pain due to teething in infants and young children . Also recommended to relieve operative pain : grafts, implants, cleanings, curettage , etc.

Composition :

  • Chamomilla 30K

Teething pain, agitation, nervousness, grumpy child improve when the child is carried in the arms, improved transported by car. The child often has a pale cheek and a red cheek. Salivation is abundant, pain extending towards the ear like an ear infection.

  • Hypericum Perforatum 7CH

Pain highly innervated areas, sometimes following a nerve pathway.

  • Podophyllum 5CH

Gum pain without significant inflammation, need to tighten the jaw or chew something.

  • Phytolacca Decandra 5CH

Pain in the gums of teething. The baby bites his gums. The cheeks are red.

  • Ruta Graveolens 7CH

Periosteal pain caused by the trauma of dental breakthrough.

  • Betula Pubescens 4D

Heals the gingival mucosa and tones alveolodental ligaments.

  • Quercus Pedonculata 4D: Idem

  • Alcool 30%


Acute cases: More treatment begins , the sooner relief is rapid. The decision is 3 sprays in a little warm water, let the alcohol evaporate 5 minutes each time and space with symptom improvement.

For very young children: Put 9 sprays in half of a quality water bottle. Shake vigorously and then give the child a few sips every half hour. Space the dosage as soon as symptoms improve. * Birch buds ** oak buds

Complementary Treatment

SOLIDENT : To encourage prompt and adequate repair of oral tissues.




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