La Parapharmacie
Acidum Phosphoricum Plex (hyperactivity) Hyperactivity, mental fatigue.
Advanced B Complex Prevents age-related collagen degeneration. Supports the function of the brain and nervous system.
ALCAR Provides cognitive support in neurological dysfunction and provides energy in fatigue syndromes.
Alnus glutinosa - European Alder (buds) It has been demonstrated that gemmotherapy remedies provide compelling potential for personal empowerment
Ashwagandha - simple extract Supports the memory and the general health, espacially during convalescence and old age
B12 Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg Sublingual Promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system and restful sleep.
B12 Methylcobalamin vitamin 1000 mcg (sublinguale) Needed for energy production and nervous system function.
Bacopa Enlighten Protects the nervous system and boosts antioxidant defines. Helps with memory and other mental functions
Bio Folate Vegan, biologically active forms of folate and B12 in researched doses.
Boron 3 mg This rice chelate of Boron provides a convenient high yield source of Boron.
Brain Memory Helps produce the acetylcholine needed to help keep the mind stay sharp.
BRAINsmart Improves memory, improves Alzheimer symtoms and revitalize brain neurons.