La Parapharmacie
Allisyn All natural formula to treat infections of various sources.
BIO 82 Tegor complex, nosodes and homeopathy
Candicin Indicated for stomach problems, including ulcers, fungal and parasitic infections, fatigue and others
CandiGone (15 day cleansing) Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Candida may be zapping your energy and vitality. If so, CandiGONE is the first step to regaining control of your health. CandiGONE is a 15 day antifungal cleansing kit that will help to eliminate yeast overgrowth throughout your body.
Elecampane Helps to relieve cough and minor respiratory ailments
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1000 mg Helps maintain a healthy weight. Supports cardiovascular health and brain and fight microbial infections.
Fungafect Used in Herbal Medicine for fungal infections and to enhance immune function.
Fungisode For systemic candidiasis, parasitic and fungal infections, vaginitis, toe and fingernail fungi, thrush and athlete’s foot
FUNGUS+ Helps relieve mild cases of fungal infections.
HMF intensive For post antibiotic microfloral disruption, parasitic and fungal infections and post chemotherapy support
Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Stimulates the nervous system.