La Parapharmacie
Anti-Radiation Oval Pendant Protect yourself from radiation
Anti-wave pearl necklace - Women 52 cm Jewel made of carbon beads on a metal wire. Recommended for on the go. Offers a protective field of approximately 100 cm in diameter.
Anti-wave sphere WiFi Anti-Radiation protection
Biotox Detoxes heavy metals and environmental pollutants and decreases allergic sensitivity.
Black soap garden spray The natural ally for your plants.
Black soap household (Spray) This ready-to-use liquid olive oil black soap can replace over a dozen specific household cleaning products.
Black soap with olive oil Multi-use and highly concentrated black soap.
Cedarwood - Atlas Cedrus atlantica
Cell Phone Radiation Protection BioVibes Absorbs and transforms the electromagnetic smog emitted by wireless devices
Chelidonium Plex Detoxification.
Dental Homeopathic remedy / Dental
Environmentals Homeopathic remedy / Environmentals