La Parapharmacie
Cherry stems Cherry stems constitutes one of the most popular remedies to support the diuresis.
Cilantrogen Indicated for mercury and heavy metal intoxication, indigestion and is an essential part of any dental amalgam removal program
Dandelion Traditionally used in Herbal Médicine to help increase bile flow (cholagogue).
Dental Homeopathic remedy / Dental
Energy Cleanse - Program Cleanse and repair program that eliminates built up toxins within the colon and strengthens liver function for superior health.
H-Metals Suggested for sensitivity to &/or drainage of heavy metals, smoke & smoked foods.
Hepatho To promote liver health.
Magnesium Bisglycinate Plus 150 Mg Delivers magnesium as an amino acid chelate to maximize intestinal absorption and reduce upset stomach.
Molybdenum Rice Chelated 150 mcg A component of three different enzymes, involved in the metabolism of nucleic acids and important interactions to detoxify the liver.
N-Acetylcystéine 600 mg Decongests the lungs, chelates heavy metals and chemicals, supports the immune system and increases glutathione levels.
Tabagix (MT) Used traditionally to support the withdrawal process.