La Parapharmacie
Arginine Improves heart health nitric oxide precursor and protects the heart from high blood sugar levels. Helps in cellular energy production.
Arjuna Flow Supports a healthy heart and healthy blood flow. Helps reduce blood pressure and helps balance cholesterol levels.
Beyond Grape Seed Superior Antioxidant Protection  for the maintenance of good health. Helps in reducing the oxidation of the low density lipoprotein cholesterol.
Beyond Grape Seed Superior Antioxidant Protection to provide antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.
Bilberry 25% Anthocyanidins Antioxidant that promotes good health.
Blood Pressurex Blood health.
Blood Sugar Support **Recommended Use:** Blood Sugar Support promotes and maintains healthy blood sugar / glucose metabolism and levels. It also provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health and helps to relieve symptoms related to non-complicated chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).
BlueRich® Super Strength Blueberry Concentrate 500 mg Reinforces the vision and promotes blood sugar control.
Brain Vitale Helps to enhance cognitive function, memory and to support peripheral circulation.
Cardana Caps Supports healthy blood pressure and helps reduce arterial build-up. Promotes a healthy heart rate and reduces the effects of stress.
Cardiatop (capsules) Used to improve circulation.
CardiO-3 Cardio-protective benefits of omega-3s with specific EPA and DHA ratios to aid in the management of triglyceride and cholesterol levels.