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Bridging the Gap

All in one tech platform for health practitioners

The BTG Tech Platform is a comprehensive and customizable all-in-one solution designed specifically for health practitioners, providing essential features and tools to run a successful online health business.

Website and Course Builder for Health Practitioners

Bridging the Gap Tech platform, designed by experienced Naturopaths for Health Practitioners, offers a comprehensive, customizable, and cost-effective solution for your health practice. With all-in-one features such as website pages, video hosting, drag-and-drop builder, CRM, scheduling system, and more, this integrated platform ensures smooth operation and eliminates technical complexities, providing everything you need to run a successful online health business, from client management to health courses.

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Tech and Business Coaching: All in one tech platform AND comprehensive business coaching and training for health practitioners

Academy video: The BTG Academy is a comprehensive program that guides health practitioners step-by-step in building their online health practice and developing their signature program.

Retail value $497/month (for 12 months)

Short description Business Foundations Course for Creating your Health Practice

Longer description This package offers the BTG Business foundations section of the Academy Plus the BTG Tech Platform. The BTG Academy focuses on helping you to build your business foundations onto the BTG Tech Platform. The Academy offers comprehensive guidance to build your online health practice, create your course (system to support groups of clients), provides you with market research training, mindset coaching, tech platform guidance, and more. Pair it with the customizable and user-friendly Tech Platform, equipped with website pages, video hosting, CRM, and scheduling system, for a seamless and successful online health business. Transform your business operations experience today by accessing the BTG All-in-One Solution.


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