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Thyme thymol essential oil
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Aromatic molecules


Distilled organ

Flowering top.

This perennial bush, can reach 30 cm in height.

It has small spearlike leaves curled up at the edges. The stem is ligneous and the branches ascendant. The flowers are coloured rosy-white and grouped in a dense inflorescence.

The vulgar thyme ct thymol is one of the 6 thyme chemotypes identified by Passet, Granger and Vernet and al. They are present in Southern France (especially in the Provence) o a limy soil.

Traditionally known for its properties

As an antibacterial with a broad action spectrum, fungicide, parasite repellant, antiviral, immunity stimulating, tonic, digestive, carminative and aperitif, repulsive.

Special precautions

Keep out of reach of young children. Does not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Unless medical or pharmaceutical advice, not to use during the pregnancy and breast feeding and in the child of less than 3 years. Keep out of heat and light.

Professional advice

Internal : preferably use Galenic dosed forms (capsules and jellies).

External : - always dilute - 1 drop of CTEO thymol thyme + 6 drops of hazelnut oil, twice a day, on the to be treated areas.