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Gynea Intimate Hygiene Gel
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Product Details

Vaginal and vulvar flora consists of protective bacteria. This delicate balance has to be respected. An excess or lack of hygiene can interfere and cause infections.

Le Soin Douceur is a cleansing emulsion Gynea soap designed for daily intimate hygiene. Thanks to the softness of its formula, to its balanced pH, it cleanses without aggression, preserves the delicate balance of the vaginal flora and respects mucous membrane sensitivity.

Enriched with organic calendula flower extract, essential oil of Geranium Organic and Bio Cornflower extract, it soothes and softens while protecting against infection and irritation.


Flower Extract Organic Calendula (marigold) Geranium Essential Oil, Organic Blueberry Extract, Glycerin (vegetable)

Directions for use

The Care Softness Gynea applies as a liquid soap and rinse with clear water. It is used daily, as often as desired, even in periods of greater sensitivity (pregnancy, irritation ...).

For external use only.

Do not douche, conducive to the formation of infections