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Equipause (Equifem)
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Product Details

Indications :

Hot flashes of menopause, when estrogen ovarian function becomes irregular, with compensatory increase in FSH and LH levels. EQUIPAUSE regulates excess pituitary and ovaries, to maintain a more steady production of estrogen and FSH -LH. Note that in some women, these symptoms can last long, especially for those who took synthetic hormones.

Composition :

  • Folliculinum 4+7+9+12CH:

Balance estrogen metabolism.

  • Luteine 4+7+9+12CH:

Stabilizing the production of progesterone.

  • FSH 4+7+9+12CH:

Balance the production of FSH.

  • LH 4+7+9+12CH:

Balance LH secretion.

  • Ovaries 7CH :

Stabilizes ovarian avoiding her excess or decrease hormone production. Acts on the pituitary slowing the production of FSH.

  • Alcool 30%




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