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Product Details

Indications :

Recommended to calm colic babies or young children . Excellent remedy for indigestion after a bottle or breastfeed , vomiting or breast milk in the bottle, sometimes diarrhea alternating with constipation acids. Gastroenteritis.

Composition :

  • Calcarea carbonica 9CH:

Vomiting of milk, diarrhea, diaper rash (red buttocks), eczema, belching, prolonged hiccups, abdominal pain particularly undiluted milk (formula or cow). Bloating, fermentations, constipation.

  • Aethusa cynapium 12CH:

Vomiting immediate part of ingested milk in liquid form with clots, gastroenteritis.

  • Magnesia carbonica 9CH:

Milk intolerance despite the desire to drink. Abdominal bloating and epigastric. Diarrhea with frothy or greenish sour smell, fetid gas, rumbling, flatulence, rumbling. The child folds in half, acid regurgitation. Constipation, hard stools.

  • Magnesia phosphorica 12CH:

Acute pain, cramps, severe throbbing improved when folded in half and by friction, gas emissions that do not help. Hiccups.

  • Magnesia muriatica 12CH:

Aggravation by ingesting milk. Selles into small balls sometimes covered with mucus. Pale stools crumbling.

  • Rheum officinale 7CH:

Colic in infants and young children, often associated with teething.

  • Tilia bourgeons 1D:

Colic with strong painful spasms.

  • Chamomilla 200K:

Frequent diarrhea during teething. Greenish yellow stools.

  • Vaccinium vitis 1D:

Diarrhea frequent and very painful.

  • Alcool 30%




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