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Benefits of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a fatty acid supplement that effectively increases lean muscle mass and enhances fat loss. CLA also stops fat from coming back once dieting stops, research has found.
Taking CLA who also exercise at the same time increase fat loss and increase lean muscle faster and with lower amounts of CLA. Incredibly, CLA has also been found to help with weight loss even if people don't change their lifestyle.

Both green and black tea are derived from the same plant Camelia sinensis. The manufacturing process is what makes them different. Green tea is produced by lightly steaming the fresh-cut leaf, so it is not fermented and provides high levels of compounds called polyphenols that are known for their powerful healing effects.
Green tea supplementation was also associated with a decrease in "bad" LDL cholesterol and an improved LDL-to-HDL (good cholesterol) ratio. Do not use de-caffeinated green tea as it is the caffeine along with the other constituents of the green tea that effectively enhances fat-burning, thus improving fat loss. The combination of CLA and green tea extract are approved by Health Canada for weight loss. 

Belly fat is a stubborn problem. No end of sit-ups and crunches make it disappear. Starving and running on the treadmill for hours every week doesn't seem to budge belly fat either.
We know there is a connection between our expanding waistlines and our hormones.
The main hormone contributing to belly fat is insulin.
Insulin is a powerful hormone that, when in excess, also causes an elevation in circulating male hormones in women, causing male facial hair growth and acne too. In men, elevated insulin results in a beer belly and breasts. 

Elevated insulin promotes weight gain, high cholesterol, diabetes and excess belly fat. Skin tags are an early sign of pre-diabetes. Thankfully, busting belly fat and normalizing insulin just got easier.
Chirositol has also been shown to reduce appetite and improve our happy hormone serotonin, which halts sugar cravings and controls appetite.
But where Chirositol really shines is in fighting belly fat in both men and women.


Take 5 capsules of CLA Plus per day with food.


Each capsule contains  
- Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA derived from safflower oil), 730 mg.
- Camellia sinensis (Green tea extract stanardized to 40% EGCG, 80% catechins and 12% caffeine), 113.3 mg.
(Contains naturally occuring caffeine).

This product does not contain:
- irradiated rice flour,
- artificial preservatives,
- colors or sweeteners,
- corn,
- dairy,
- wheat,
- soy,  - gluten or yeast.
Gluten free and vegan friendly.