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Anxiety, depression, sadness, discouragement, lack of control of emotions, tears, fears. Cessation assistance of various medications. Chronic insomnia. Following heartbreak, separation or sense of abandonment.

Composition :

  • Ambra grisea 200K+MK:

Impressionable and irritable. Crying for no reason and aggravated by music. Fear of losing reason. mental and intellectual depression. Confusion. Dream state. Sad thoughts. Loquacity. Aggravation in the presence of strangers. Tremors, palpitations. Following sorrows, emotions.

  • Ignatia amara 200K:

Nervous tension sensation. Sighs. Spasms. Mood changes for no apparent reason. silent depression. Rumination worries and sorrows. Tears. lump in the throat or stomach. Light sleep. Following sorrows, frustrations.

  • Kalium phosphoricum 200K:

Intellectual and mental depression. Cerebral emptiness, loss of self-confidence, indecision, lack of desire, anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritation caused by noise, touch or pain. Cried when speaking of her condition. Fear of the crowd and loneliness. Fears undetermined.

  • Natrum muriaticum 200K:

Sadness discouraged. Tearfulness . Rumination problems. Indifference to everything except its own state. Tendency to isolate . physical weakness . Need sleep . Fear of judgment and misunderstanding . Tears caused by the music. Suite trouble, worries and responsibilities.

  • Phosphic acidum MK+XMK:

Cerebral exhaustion. Intellectual slowness. Sadness discouraged. Indifference to everything . Aversion to the conversation. physical and sexual fatigue. Pallor. Identified eyes. Following heartbreak, bad news or annoyances.

  • Sulfuric acidum MK+XMK:

Physical and moral prostration. Disgust of life. Tears. Feeling tremors or quakes.

  • Alcool 30%




    Medical ingredients