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Alchemist's Dew
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Behavioral problems

The spontaneous formation of psychic larvae occurs in the mental or emotional environment of each individual, whether or not he is aware of the phenomenon. Many behavioral disorders (mania, phobias, obsessions, tics, obsessive compulsive disorders...) are the result and can be corrected thanks to the Dew of the Alchemist.

Where are the larvae located?

On an energy level, the larvae generally sit at the level of the chakras or the neck, thus causing poor circulation of the subtle fluids and, by repercussion, a feeling of permanent exhaustion.


When there are larvae in a person's energy system, the desire to live is usually disturbed, especially during adolescence. For people who have had or still have difficulty in living, the Flower of Incense is also recommended.

Composition :

Quintessence of Lavender, Other Quintessences, essential Oils of Indian Grass and Benzoin, alcoholic base of Lavender.

Suggested Use

The Dew of the Alchemist is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended to carry out a treatment of one month, 4 times a year, if you have apparent symptoms. Spray directly on the skin or on the clothes you wear, at the level of the 7 Chakras and also on the neck, 1 to 2 times a day according to the recommendations of your therapist.


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