La Parapharmacie

Easy for your clients
Extra earnings for you

The referral program of The Parapharmacy allows you point your clients tocards a single source where they will be sure to find all the products you recommend them. No more wasted visits and endless waiting at the thinly stocked neighbourhood organic store.The clients of The Parapharmacy's referring professionals will find exactly the products that they were recommended, with no second-best brand substitution and at competitive prices!

Become a referring professional with The Parapharmacy!

Four easy ways to refer your clients

Electronically, by phone… or by paper !

1 You share the list of products

Whether it is by paper, by email or even text message (SMS, The Parapharmacy gives you the means to create a list of recommended products, customized for each individual client.

Whether the client decides to buy these products at The Parapharmacy or not, this list will be a practical tool that will ensure that your recommendations are fully followed !

2 Your clients purchase the products

Whether it is by phone, through our online store, or at our store counter, it is easy for your clients to reach The Parapharmacy. Your clients bill find on our web store more than 9000 safe, effective top quality produces health, every single one of them approved by Health Canada .

Our team of trained professionals will respect your recommendations to the letter: the brand, the product, its concentration, etc…, and no substitute product will be suggested without consulting you first.

3 You may follow your clients's file in real time

The history of your recommendations and your clients' purchases is available in real time on our platform. These personal informations can only be accessed by you and our team, who bill never use them for any other purpose.

The professional platform will also allow you to follow your sales and stay updated on the amounts that are due to you, when applicable.

Your commission may be shared!

We earmark a 15% commission in your favor on all the sales we make through your referrals. You have the choice between keeping this 15%, splitting it with your clients, or allowing to all go to your clients, who will then receive a 15% discount which each of their purchases.:

Keeping the commission

Payment of your commissions will be made on a monthly basis by bank transfers.

Giving a discount to your clients

The clients you refer get an immediate discount when the buy. The discount is equivalent to the percentage of your commission which you have elected to give them.

Giving your commission to a non profit organization

The Parapharmacy will remit at the end of the year the total of all your commissions to a local non profit organization which promotes physical activity for the young.

The largest online dispensary!

An easy solution for clients looking for the products you have recommended them, a practical source for all your own purchasing, the expertise of our trained staff, an up to date technology conceived especially to support your practice, these are only some of the many benefits that the referral program of The Parapharmacy offers you!

Become a referring professional with The Parapharmacy!